Monday 10 February 2014

Spring Heeled Jack on Lulu

Spring Heeled Jack: From the Tunnels of Hell is now available in two parts on Lulu, priced around $2 USA, £1.30 UK or equivalent price in Germany, FranceItalySpainSwitzerland, Ireland, CanadaAustralia and the Netherlands.

This is the first time CDComics will be available specifically in Switzerland, Ireland and the Netherlands and during the next few weeks we will be uploading all our titles to Lulu

Love how this story is set out, it is split into three different tales almost. One takes place in 1873, one takes place in 1973, while the last takes place in 2011. The different time lines have different generations of families in them. The best one I thought was the 1973 one in which a young man and a Police Officer contemplate going into the tunnels under Sheffield in search of the demonic prankster. Has quite a cool horror vibe to it. Another good comic, hypnotic, and entertaining and worth a look at.
The Rotting Zombie

Have a fun read and please do have nightmares.

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