Manhattan 1930

Manhattan 1930: The Man in the White Suit is a hard boiled detective narrative with an occult and dieselpunk twist in three chapters, Empire State, New Yorker and Harlem

The story of Song, the Man in the White Suit, a Harlem PI and mask who relocates uptown to work with Pilot Ace and Secret, but his new partner is murdered. The plot thickens as Scarlet Rose and a host of other masked heroes and villians complicate what had seemed to be a simple murder investigation. Song and Secret eventually find themselves trapped between two men fighting for control of Manhattan, Aleistair Crowley the infamous English ocultist and Nikola Tesla, the legendary steampunk scientist.

The full CDrom Graphic Novel is available for £2.50 from Sheffield Space Cente on the Wicker, Rare & Racey, Funhouse, Blackwells on Mappin Street and Boomhill's Galaxy 4 and  Record Collector Sheffield UK.

It is also released for download in three 40 page parts, each costing around $1.99/£1.30UK and all three issues are available now

Part One Manhattan 1930: The Empire State video trailer

Part Two Manhattan 1930: The New Yorker Video Trailer
Introducing Nikola Tesla and Aleister Crowley

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