Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Yorkshire Day Comics

Why not have a read of a comic set locally to celebrate Yorkshire Day, but these aren't for little kids, they are aimed at older readers 15+.

Meadowhall Shopping Centre is the location for CDComics first Surreal Murder Mystery...

It's available in two 32 page parts to download or in full on CDrom from several shops in Sheffield.

That's Sheffield's Space Centre on the Wicker, Broomhill's Galaxy 4 or Record Collector, Blackwells on Mappin Street or Rare and Racey opposite Devonshire Green priced £2.50

The download price varies, but the sites are

Alternatively, you could try the second in the series, set mainly in Attercliffe and the city centre of Sheffield. It's also available to download or in shops.

Or the third in the series, Football Crazy, which is available in blue or red and white for Blades and Owls fans

Part One of the 4th story in the Surreal Murder Series set in Sheffield's Banner Cross has just been released on the download sites.


And for those who prefer a little less macabre horror and a little more history, you can find Eyam and Stainless Steel in the shops or at the websites listed above, plus Stainless is also on sale at the Millennium Gallery Shop in the Winter Gardens. And Robin Hood is a political action thriller, set mainly in Sheffield, well he was from Loxley...

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Kobo Comic Horror Chart

The top twenty in the chart are written by Joss Whedon, Robert Kirkman, Clive Barker, Mike Mignola, Gary Reed, Tony Lee and CDComics, Craig Daley... WOW!

So that's The Walking Dead, Buffy, Hellboy, Hellraiser, DeadWorld and CDComics Surreal Murder Mystery titles...

Kirkman and his Walking Dead dominate the top 20 with ten titles, but CDComics are running in second with three titles and there are more titles bubbling under and climbing up the Horror charts.

Plus the first issue of the fourth title in CDComics Surreal Murder Mystery Series that was released last month. Punchline is the first in b/w and red and with a guest artist, Chatri, the previous titles are in colour and all seven comics are at least 32 pages long.   

Review extracts

"It’s rare that a comic completely catches me off guard. With this series though, I was caught off guard completely when I read it, so much so that I leaned back in my chair and was like, “Damn… you got me.” around half way through the second issue when the bomb is dropped on you... I was blown away." Comic $astards, US Reviewer

"Daley’s unique, dry wit is the highlight of his writing. He may write great stories, but when it comes to the closing pages, there’s no one else to compare. Another cult gem." Horror Cult Films UK Reviewer

"So much work goes into giving a realistic bend to his comics that it really sets them apart from others which just do not have the same level of crazy detail." Rotting Zombie UK reviewer

CDComics are also available on the following download sites

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Rotting Zombie Review The Butcher...

'The Butcher of Banner Cross' has been reviewed by Daniel from Rotting Zombie, who gave this first issue of three and CDComics 4th title in the Surreal Murder Mystery the thumbs up and declared himself 'Excited for the next issues.'

Issue One is priced £1.40/$1.99 or equivalent 

'Daley's surreal murder mystery series never fails to be entertaining, the level of research that goes into them, along with truly surreal twists fuse together to create something very original in feel.'

For the full review check out

About the Art 'The usual primary colours and bizzaro look is replaced by pen and ink, all black and white that does suit the morbid tone well and it is good to see none of the background details is lost.'

CDComics are available from all the following download sites

Other titles

Friday, 5 July 2013

Meadowhell and Robin Hood Reviewed

Dustin and the Guys at Comic $astards have shifted their site to a new address, so the links to their reviews of Robin Hood 2020 and Meadowhell sort of disappeared, but being thoughtful and caring souls, I was sent the new links by email.

And here's a couple news items Comic $astards published

All CDComics are available from the following sites

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Spring Heeled Jack's in Kindle Library

Spring Heeled Jack: From the Tunnels of Hell is now available as a one-shot Graphic Novel, this 71 page full colour version is exclusive to Kindle priced £1.53/$2.99 or national equivalent.

for more info and image see

Already available on Kindle Direct Publishing, are two other Surreal Murder Mystery, Football Crazy set against the backdrop of the English F.A Cup and Meadowhell: The True Horror of Shopping


Monday, 1 July 2013

Kindle Direct Publishing Graphic Novel

Meadowhell: The True Horror of Shopping is now available as a one-shot Graphic Novel, this 65 page full colour version is exclusive to Kindle priced £1.53/$2.99 or national equivalent.

Already available on Kindle Direct Publishing, another Surreal Murder Mystery, set against the backdrop of the English F.A Cup and coming soon to Kindle Direct, Spring Heeled Jack