Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Football Crazy Part Two reviewed at Horror Cult Films

Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal, Spurs, Wolves and Sheffield United all play matches that are covered 'Roy of the Rovers' style in this Surreal Murder Mystery centred on the F.A Cup, but this is football in the Twilight Zone and Juan Vasquez of Horror Cult Film has just read Part Two

So what did he say about the conclusion to this surreal whodunit,

"Football  Crazy is certainly a different type of comic, and a world away from the mainstream. The climax is very funny and one that you won’t see coming. As far as modus operandi go, it is certainly one of the more out-there reasons for serial murder, and makes for one of the most amusingly absurd conclusions. The writing is superb, creative and witty, you really are missing out on some genius story telling if you don’t give Football Crazy a go."

Those are my edited highlights and I hope Juan doesn't mind, so for his full review you need to visit http://horrorcultfilms.co.uk/2012/07/hcf-comic-review-football-crazy-part-two/

You can download each part for around $1.25/77p UK from

and Part One is free until July 31st in Smashwords summer sale at

Monday, 2 July 2012

Football Crazy Part One reviewed at Horror Cult Films

Part One tells the story of Sheffield United's FA Cup run against the backdrop of a police investigation into the murder of one of their players.

Here are a few quotes from the independent review
"It is a genuine treat to see how well the magic and atmosphere of the FA Cup is captured in comic form."
"There’s also a brilliant detective story in there as well."
"As the story unfolds, it’s difficult not to get drawn in, and try to second guess motives and who could actually be behind it all."
"Like all good comics, Football Crazy seems too short, despite it being 36 pages of nothing but story, it grips from page one."
"Daley knows how to keep the reader enthralled from frame to frame and leaves you wanting more."

the full review is linked below

Part Two ends the narrative with a twist that follows previous CDComics Surreal Murder Mystery stories.

The people at Horror Cult Film have also been nice enough to post a news item about CDComics generally

CDComics are available for aprroximately $0.99/70pUK at various downloads sites including