Friday, 11 April 2014

Comic Book Download Websites

So what are the options for the self-publisher when in comes to getting your comics on sites that will offer them for download to smartphones, tablets, etc... now that Comixology has been bought by Amazon?

And how is it working out for this small indie publisher?

Selling comics with a cover price was a decision I made early on, having decided to go for that, rather than having adverts on my website and earning through hits and secondary income, just a personal choice...

Going through Smashwords has given me access to Apple, Sony, Nook, Kobo, Diesel, Page Foundry, Baker Taylor Blio, Library Direct, Baker Taylor Axis, and more recently Flipkart, Oyster and Scripd.

I will have to hold comment on the last three, although I am hopeful with Scripd...

Sony and Diesel, that both sold well for me have now both gone belly up. While the other smaller sites like Page Foundry (down-loaders just want free titles) and Baker Taylor rarely get sales for me, so I've reduced my library output to a couple of taster comics that I offer free. 

The big three are definitely, Apple, Kobo and Nook and I've hit triple figure sales across those with several of my titles and they have expanded my audience from my local base.

Other sites not linked to Smashword like Drive Thru Comics have been slower, but I've sold a reasonably through them. 

About a month ago I uploaded a few titles to Comicsy and Lulu, but nothing at all so far, but never know

I was recently contacted by Inkbok, who run roughly on the same lines as Scripd and I am still contemplating, but will wait for the Scripd results before I decide.

Amazon is the only site that competes with the Big Three for me and I have sales through them that are my best with titles, while others seem to perform better on Kobo, Apple or Nook. 

My local sales through several, Sheffield shops, that's specialist comic shops, book shops, record shops, gift shops and even the local museums is still more lucrative than downloads, but I don't plan to retire... My Graphic Design Company still pays my mortgage and this is still only a hobby/sideline.

That's about it, I'm heading towards 2,000 sales now and I hope that this helps any would be indie comic publisher.

And here are my comics, I hope you fancy a read, there's a range of genres to choose from...

Stainless Steel Centenary on Kobo

After some problem with this comic book, that blends steampunk science and historical fact... It's finally available on Kobo again without any editorial changes.

Stainless Steel tells the story of the origins of the metal in Sheffield and also give Britain a new superhero in an action packed story.

The 32 page comic (1913 scenes in sepia and 2013 scens in full colour is available from the following websites priced $2, £1.25 or equivalent

Robin Hood Returns on Kobo

After some problem with this realistic comic book, political action thriller that pulls no punches and depicts the current political situation in Britain and is set just six years in the future... It's finally available on Kobo again without any editorial changes.

Here's a taster of what to expect...

From the top that's Robin Hood, Marion, Little John, Much the Miller's Son and Scarlet (yes he's female now).

The politics is left wing and socialist, like the Labour Party use to be and the facts are all true as is the corruption amongst the Politicians of 2020, ring any bells.

Robin Hood 2020, a 32 page full colour comic is available from the following websites priced around $2/£1.25 or equivalent


Monday, 7 April 2014

Manhattan 1930 comic #1-3 back on Kobo

It's taken an age to sort, but Manhattan 1930: The Man in the White Suit is finally back on Kobo and ready to download priced at just around $2, £1.25 or Euro equivalent for each comic.


That's 120+ full colour pages in total, between the three issues with Nikola Tesla and Aleister Crowley and this is what independent reviewer from Horror Cult Films had to say,

"You’ve got to hand it to Craig Daley of CDComics. His imagination and concept of whodunnit stories are magnificent as he creates a picture, or rather a graphic novel, of a bustling alternate world that still has roots in real life."

There's more at Horror Cult Films, where they review all three issues in detail...

The three comics are also available from the following sites