Robin Hood 2020

The story takes place just seven years into the future, in a Britain not that different from the present day...
One law for the rich, another for the poor.

In 2020 the Government's Cabinet is made up of millionnaires, 90% of them went to fee paying schools, a quarter went to Eton and more than 75% went to either Oxford or Cambridge University.

The Arrogance of Youth or
the Confidence of Certainty?

Almost two thirds of the Members of Parliament have been exposed for fiddling their expenses in 2020.

The wealthy are allowed to avoid tax, while the poor suffer.

Like I said, not that different from the present day... here are a few sample rough pages with dialogue, but early drafts of the final comic.

The legend of Robin Hood is well known, but how would the outlaw who robbed from the rich to give to the poor be viewed today... And every Robin Hood needs a Scarlet

And let's not forget Little John, these are only rough drafts, the final comic is being re-scripted

It's Much the Miller's Son, maybe you need to be a Rotherham United fan.
I'm seriously aiming at a niche audience with this jolly jape.

Here's an almost full character preview

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