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After spending two decades teaching in the state sector at comprehensive schools in the north and south of the country, before moving into further education and delivering 'A' level courses I have often been required to give careers advice to students.
Well, here's the truth...

How to become a Politician? TV Presenter? TV Comedian? Judge? Olympian? Journalist? Spy? Tax Evader?
Graduate from either Oxford or Cambridge University and attending a fee paying public school before that is a big advantage.

The Lists Start Here (Tweet to add)

Boris Johnson
David Cameron
Nick Clegg
Ed Milliband
Tony Blair
George Osborne

TV Comedian (Cambridge Only)
Alexander Armstrong 
Richard Ayoade
David Baddiel
Rob Newman
Jimmy Carr
Sacha Baron Cohen 
Hugh Dennis
Stephen Fry 
Andy Hamilton 
Stephen Mangan
Ben Miller 
Rowan Atkinson
David Mitchell 
Andy Parsons 
Sue Perkins 
Mark Watson
Robert Webb
Griff Rhys Jones
All the Goodies

Hugh Bonneville
Simon Bird
Ian McKellan
Derek Jacobi
Naomie Harris
Tom Hiddleston
Jamie Bamber
Lily Cole
Julian Fellows
Mariam Margolyes
Emilia Fox
Hugh Grant
Rosamund Pike
Thandie Newton
Rachel Weisz
Emma Thompson
Tilda Swinton
Hugh Laurie
Emma Watson
Kate Beckinsale

TV Presenters
Mel Giedroyc
Sue Perkins
Griff Rhys Jones
Nick Handcock
Richard Whiteley
Carol Vorderman

Kim Philby
Donald Duart Maclean
Guy Burgess
Anthony Blunt
John Cairncross

Tax Evaders
Jimmy Carr

Those who have studied at Oxford or Cambridge make up 75% of senior judges, 50% of diplomats, 44% of public body chairs. The figures are drastically disproportionate with the national average of less than 1%. More than one in three (38%) of members of the House of Lords also went to Oxbridge.

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