Thursday, 29 May 2014

Download Horror Comics on Scribd

Horror and much more, catch up with the four Surreal Murder Mysteries that have been getting rave reviews or maybe its and alien abduction tale or historical superhero narratives that grab you... Visit this blog for more details, sample pages and the independent reviews.

There's lots of surprises, including appearances by Tesla, Crowley, Fry, Davis and other historical figures and current celebs, along with domain free fictional characters like Robin Hood and his gang, War Nurse, Carnacki, Richard Hannay and Spring Heeled Jack, plus plenty of OC as well. 

Digital comics to download from Scribd. Read them on your tablet, smartphone, PC or android device and it's only $8.99 a month... Click on the link for CDComics Scribd. homepage.

Alternatively, you can download all the above titles direct from the following websites for just $2, £1.35 or equivalent each.

Monday, 26 May 2014

UK Indie Digital Comics

All the comics have a minimum of 32 pages and are priced around $2, £1.35 or equivalent. Meadowhell, Spring Heeled Jack, Football Crazy and The Butcher of Banner Cross are from the macabre Surreal Murder Mystery Series and Carnacki and Hannay offers a tale of alien abduction. Manhattan 1930, War Nurse and Stainless Steel 1913 are historical narratives from the Superhero genre and Robin Hood is a political action thriller set just six years into the future.

The comics are available from the following download sites