The Butcher of Banner Cross

Very different finish to the art work back in the day, thanks to Chatri, but this old story of mine has been updated and relocated to Sheffield. This will is the 4th in the Surreal Murder Mystery Series and the narrative plays out over three 32+ page issues rather than two issues like Meadowhell, Spring Heeled Jack and Football Crazy.

It takes place in 2006, sixteen years before Meadowhell, but the DCI on this case may be familiar, it's Bramley... The first issue introduces a Surreal Detective called Punchline, the second continues the investigation into the gruesome murders and the third has well hell of fight scene, reveals the killer and gives an insight into Punchline's origin

Here are the three front covers, the first four pages from #1 and some other stuff

The comics is currently available priced $1.99  USA, £1.30 UK or equivalent worldwide


Story and Layouts by Craig Daley
Art by Chatri

You can find more of Chatri's excellent work at

You can get the comics at...


DownTheTubes John Freeman

Butcher #1
Butcher #2
Butcher #3

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