Wednesday 10 April 2013

MPs claim £3,750 each for Thatcher Tribute

MPs returning to Parliament early to pay tribute to Margaret Thatcher can claim £3,750 in expences from tax payers.

How long would it take you to save £3,750 after paying you bills, food, rent/mortgage, general living costs, 1, 2, 3, 4 months, one year, two years or more?

The tax payer will pay for the, in all but name, 'State Funeral' and will also have to pay for Policing of the event as there are concerns over security, as many of the electorate (tax payers) did not share the opinion of the political elite in regards of Thatchers legacy.

The long-term unemployed and the underclass that exist in our society were created by the policies introduced by her Government in the 1980's. Unemployment was 1.4M when Thatcher came to power, she more than doubled that and the numbers have never gone below the 1979 level since, the economic strategy of this country is built on high unemployment. The complete collapse on manufacturing was overseen by her Government and the Governments that have done little to change the situation.

Only 7% of the electorate are educated at independent schools, but they make up 35% of the Members of Parliament. This same elite monopolise all high paid employment in the Private Sector, as C.E.O's of Banks and all other Businesses and even Charities. In the Public Sector, they become Mayors, Police Comissioners and high ranking Civil Servants.

They run this country and have run this country into the ground and will continue to do so, while blaiming the unemployed they create with their political policies.

This isnt the arrogance of youth, this is confidence of certainty

This has to stop, call for equal representation in Parliament, 93% of the electorate are State Educated, 93% of MPs should come form State Schools. Would you support an e-petition to Parliament asking them to debate this lack of equality in Britain

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