Monday 18 February 2013

Smashwords Digital Download Comics

CDComics have 12 titles on Smashwords that can be bought direct from their website in the US, UK and Worldwide.


The titles include a three part Pulp Fiction narrative called Manhaattan 1930, featuring Nikola Tesla and Aleister Crowley, three two part Surreal Murder Mysteries, Meadowhell, Spring Heeled Jack and Football Crazy, plus the first issues of Robin Hood 2020, Carnacki & Hannay and War Nurse, a political action thriller, a mass alien abduction mystery and a tongue in cheek homage to Golden Age comics.

Here are few links to Independent reviewers
Manhattan Reviews
Spring Heeled Jack
Football Crazy 
Robin Hood 2020
Carnacki & Hannay

The comic are all full colour and are between 32 and 40 pages

All current titles are available to download from the sites mentioned above and here's a few links to help you find them...

They are also on sale on CDrom priced £2.50 from several Sheffield shops, Sheffield Space Centre, Galaxy 4, Broomhill Record Collector, Blackwells on Mappin Street, Rare and Racey, plus the front counter in the Sheffield Star building

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