Monday 11 February 2013

Manhattan 1930, Horror Cult Film Reviews

Bat, the webmistress and leader of the gang at Horror Cult Film has reviewed all three issues of 'Manhatttan 1930's, first narrative arc 'The Man in the White Suit'.

All three issues have 40+ full colour pages and are priced around $1, 75p UK and are available for desktop, android, smartphone and tablet devices.

What follows are few short extracts from those reviews.

Part One: Empire State
"Craig tells a gripping story complimented by emotive artwork and adds depth to his characters to give the reader a fulfilling plot to sink their teeth into. All I need now is to get my grubby mitts on Issue 2 so I can see what happens next and re-absorb myself in this fantastic, crime-ridden, gritty world!"
Full Review at

Part Two: New Yorker
"The introduction of Tesla and the Wickedest Man in the World, occultist Aleister Crowley, was well worth the wait and I eagerly look forward to seeing what twists, surprises and storylines unfold in the last issue involving them and the rest of the masks."
Full Review at

Part Three: Harlem
"The level of detail in Daley’s story and environments, along with his fascinating backstories and character arcs, have been stitched together so precisely with a passion that can be admired during and long after finishing reading the comic. Not only does he seem to completely have a grasp of fact whilst blending it with fiction, but he can successfully craft a complete engrossing story that will you have you itching for more."
Full Review at

CDComics 12 comic book titles are available from the following downl;oad websites

Or if you're lucky enough to be visiting or live in Sheffield UK, you can get the full story and Graphic Novel on CDrom from Sheffield Space Centre, Broomhill's Galaxy 4 or Record Collector, Rare and Racey on Devonshire Green or Blackwells on Mappin Street, priced at £2.50

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