Sunday 3 March 2013

Download Comic Sales

CDComics has been up and running longest on Amazon, having had the first title on sale for more than a year, the other sites listed below have slowly come on line in the last 10 months. All 12 titles are available to download, but some of the websites below still don't have all 12 listed.

Here are the percentage breakdown of current sales for any independent out there contemplating the same thing...

Amazon Kindle 43%
Drive Thru Comics 8%
Direct from Smashwords 3%

Via Smashwords
Kobo 21%
Nook 8%
Sony 2%
Apple 14%
Diesel 1%

Most pleasing is that more than 50% of first issue readers are buying the second issues of the titles. Each comic costs around $1 or 75p UK (unless stated), and Canada and the USA make up 60% percent of sales. Also pleasing is that CDComics are well represented in the most recent Kobo Bestsellers Chart for Horror comics and for Crime & Mystery (2nd, 5th, 6th and 12th)

Comic percentage breakdown by title
Manhattan 1930 Triology 35%
6 Surreal Murder Mysteries comics 48%
(Meadowhell 9%, Spring Heeled Jack 20%, Football Crazy 19%, each title has two issues)
War Nurse 11%
Carnacki & Hannay 5% ($1.99/£1.50) released 01/2013
Robin Hood 2020 1% ($1.99/£1.50) released 01/2013

for more details and several independent reviews on each comic check out the blog pages at

Local sales on CDrom with multiple issue comics put together as Graphic Novels, priced £2.50 and packaged in slim line DVD cases are now way behind Internet sales.

The most popular title locally has been Meadowhell, selling 130+ CDrom Graphic Novels, with Spring Heeled Jack, packaged locally as 'The Attercliffe Prowler' coming a close second... While on the Internet Manhattan 1930 is selling best and this could be the US or possible the Nikola Tesla and Aleister Crowley influence.

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