Friday 8 February 2013

Kobo Horror Graphic Novel Download Chart

Sheffield UK based CDComics three Surreal Murder Mystery titles are mixing with the big boys when it comes to sales on Kobo.

Here's the current Comics and Graphic Novels Horror eBook Bestsellers Chart

1. Jack the Ripper
2. The Walking Dead 1
3. The Walking Dead 2
4. Hell Boy
5. DeadWorld Chronicles
6. Walking the Dead 3
8. Walking the Dead 4
9, Walking the Dead 5

10.  CDComics: Spring Heeled Jack: From the Tunnels of Hell

"This is an enjoyable mystery romp with a supernatural edge that makes it all the more satisfying, with each issue being less than £1 each, what are you waiting for?"

"Another good comic, hypnotic, and entertaining and worth a look at."

released locally on CDrom as Attercliffe Prowler

11. Buffy 1
12. Walking the Dead 14
13. Walking the Dead 6
14. Nostferatu
15. Chiller

16. CDComics: Football Crazy: The Theatre of Nightmares on the Road to Insanity

"Daley's crafted a story that feels like an episode of television crime drama. It read and felt very much like an episode of Luther, the acclaimed BBC detective drama."

released locally in both red and blue and white

17. Walking the Dead 7
18. Walking the Dead 8
19. Walking the Dead 16

44. Meadowhell: The True Horror of Shopping

"It's rare that a comic completely catches me off guard... With this series though, I was caught off guard completely when I read it, so much so that I leaned back in my chair and was like, "Damn... you got me. Around half way through the second issue when the bomb is dropped on you... I was blown away, for two bucks it's well worth it, so check it out." 5 out of 5

Also available locally on CDrom, unfortunately Part Two is for some unknown reason still missing off Kobo which could account for it not doing as well, but the second Part is available on the websites listed below.

Local CDrom single issue Graphic Novel versions of these titles are available from the Sheffield Space Centre, Broomhill's Galaxy 4 and Record Collector, Blackwells on Mappin Street and Rare and Racey...

see more images from all CDComics at

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