Thursday 22 September 2016

CDComics Exclusive to Amazon Kindle

Several of CDComics titles have now become exclusive to Amazon Kindle and are therefore available on Kindle Direct.

This includes, the nourish gumshoe trilogy Manhattan, that guest stars Nikola Tesla and Aleister Crowley, along with several original masked characters.

Plus War Comic action with the domain free comic character War Nurse #1, who is revamped as her origin and first encounter with the Nazis is retold and in Stainless Steel #1, which marked the centenary of it's invention with a new WWI British hero origin story.

Also, there a political thriller with Robin Hood 2020, that places the outlaw in a dysopian Britain just a few years into the future and finally, Eyam, a UFO abduction mystery set in the infamous English plague town and starring Thomas Carnacki and Richard Hannay of 39 Steps fame 

These comics ar no longer available via Smashwords or any other digital download site (Kobo, Nook, Apple etc)
 or on Drive Thru Comics

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