Thursday 1 June 2017

Robin Hood Comic Election 2017

This comic was released back in 2013, before Jeremy Corbyn became the leader of Labour Party, Brexit and Trump, but is probably even more relevant than it was... 
It's set just 3 years into the future now, in a country run by an uncaring and arrogant political elite.

Here's a look at the main characters, it's action adventure with some humour and personal political observation.

There is no conspiracy, these people where born to rule over us

Here's a few reviews from back in 2013

"Set in a not-too-distant future of the year 2020, the Robin Hood tale of taking from the rich and giving to the poor is given a modern twist to reflect the current economical climate and the rich/poor divide which is becoming increasibly noticable in today’s broken Britain. Unemployment is at an all-time high, whilst politicians and bankers claim on expenses and accrue mind-blowing bonuses that us mere working-class could only dream about.
Daley creates some fantastic scenes including Eton, Westminster and Sheffield. The action takes place in a variety of outdoor and indoor locations, taking the reader on a journey through all the different scandalous scenarios that are prevalent in today’s Britain."
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"Robin Hood 2020, not too much has changed in the UK – the rich are still rich, and they’re still running the show. That is until some people decide to make a stand.
This is quite an introductory issue, with a lot going on between a whole cast of characters – we get a look at ‘Scarlet’, ‘Robin’, ‘John’, ‘Marion’  and more. There’s a lot of facts and statistics here, which make this issue an impressive read.
Although there is a lot to take in here, it feels like there is nothing missing, in among the action and facts there is some excellent character development – already! – which can only build and move on within the series.
This is a comic that is something different – calling from the old Robin Hood/Zorro/V For Vendetta in feeling, but with something added!"
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"I will say this about the writing; the villains of this story are detestable and there isn’t a single likable thing about them. They’re people that if you met them in real life you would possible spit in their face and walk away. Real dredges of society and so in that regard I loved them. If the villain doesn’t make you feel anything then they’re not a villain.
Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t your typical Robin Hood story as it deals with conspiracies and corruption more than it is about stealing bags of money and slipping it to poor people. It’s a high concept story that has a great and very realistic conspiracy about England’s current economy. It’s rich with social commentary and so if you’re interested then you should check it out. Also there’s no damn bows and arrows so be grateful for that because I for one am tired of that shit."
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"Unfortunately, I disliked the portrayal of Robin, who uses a pistol – a weapon that is certainly not one used by the British people he represents. Still, that’s a personal problem and I do like the disillusioned soldier model for our hero.
While the issue is somewhat heavy-handed in it’s message, I think that this has the potential to grow into an intriguing series. There are some rough edges to work out in the dialogue and art, but by no means should this put you off picking up a copy to check out."
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