Tuesday 28 June 2016

Tesla: The Truth

Tesla: The Truth, Part One: Living in America is available on Amazon Kindle from today (see links below). This a 20,000 word novel is just $2.99 or equivalent and is available exclusively on Kindle.
Here's the Blurb
Nikola Tesla was born as a powerful thunder and lightning storm reached its peak at exactly midnight between 9th and 10th July 1856 in the village of Smiljan which was part of the old Austrian Empire and is now part of modern day Croatia. 
The description of his birth reminded Jackson Hogan of the early Universal Horror Movies he had watched as a kid, but now he was an F.B.I Agent and he had find out all there was know about the 'Lord of Lightning'. 
It was January 7th, 1943 and he stood looking down at Nikola Tesla's dead body in room 3327 on 33rd floor of New Yorker Hotel.
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