Tuesday 3 September 2013

Football Crazy Graphic Novel

Football Crazy: The Theatre of Nightmares on Road to Insanity Graphic Novel has been loaded as HD versions using Kindle Comic Creator, this is the full 66 page narrative and is priced $3.61/£2.33, I don't understand the pricing policy either!

If you prefer, the two issue version is still available priced at $2.09/£1.34 each.

These are the Sheffield United, Blades versions of this the third story in CDComics Surreal Murder Mystery series, the blue and white Sheffield Wednesday version has not been updates yet, but is still available locally. The narrative follows the Police investigation into the bizarre murder of their star player against a backdrop of FA Cup success. It's Roy of the Rovers meets CSI in the Twilight Zone and guest stars Stephen Fry, the Chuckle Brothers, Martin Tyler and local news broadcasters.

All CDComics single issues are a minimum of 32 full colour pages and like the Graphic Novels are suitable for desktop, tablet, mobile and android reading and are on the following sites

The CDrom version of both the SWFC and SUFC are on sale in a slimline DVD case with wrap around cover from Sheffield Space Centre, Galaxy 4 and the Record Collector Broomhill, Blackwells on Mappin Street and Rare and Racey on Devonshire Green priced £2.50

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