Tuesday 4 June 2013

The Butcher of Banner Cross Comic

'Punchline' the first of three issues in the Butcher of Banner Cross narrative is available to download for desktop, tablet, smartphone and android devices now from various websites.

After a second gruesome murder in Banner Cross, Sheffield, the police investigation is complicated by the arrival of Punchline, a private investgator specialising in the paranormal.

This is a macabre tale with lots of dark humour and it's a whodunit that only reveals the identity, the motive and method of the killer in the third issue. Part Two and Three are completed and will be published bi-monthly. 

A big thank you to Chatri for all his work and you can find more of his excellent artwork at http://chatriahpornsiriinker.blogspot.co.uk/

It's available now priced $1.99/£1.40UK

On Kindle in the next 24 hours

and via Smashwords during the next few weeks on

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