Wednesday 20 June 2012

Rottingzombie reviews Part Two of Football Crazy

Part Two of Football Crazy is available on Drive Thru Comics, Smashwords, Deisel, Kobo and Kindle, so that's, PDF, eReader, iPhone, iPad and tablet formats priced $0.99 or 70p UK

"Part 2 of Football Crazy was really quite funny. There were twists that were surprising, and the vein of funny running through the whole thing really hit the spot! Full of hidden Easter Eggs as well it really hits the description of a 'surreal murder mystery".
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An example of the Easter Eggs, the Manchester United players all share their names with serial killers, you will have to check out the comic for the Liverpool, Arsenal, Spurs and Wolves team line ups, but like the TV Commentator says "The defence of Dahmer, Gacy, Chse and Fish should have eaten the attack alive." while, "Berkowitz and Bundy lacked a killer instinct." it's all rather tongue in cheek...

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