Wednesday 20 June 2012

Rottingzombie Reviews Football Crazy comic

Soccer or Football, UK or US, CDComics Surreal Murder Mysteries are getting some good reviews and is availabble from

"It has the feel of a Detective program such as Inspector Morse, or A Touch of Frost. The art style is quite strange but works, kind of basic but at the same time it catches the eye and is very striking. The story is well paced, the issue I read certainly made me want to read more (just to find out what the murder weapon was)."

Rottingzombie's full review can be found at

Part Two is available to download and if you prefer an American take on Football Crazy check out Omnicomics review of the entire 66 page full colour story

"Daley's writing in Football Crazy: The Theater of Nightmares on the Road to Insanity is strong. He's crafted a story that feels like an episode of television crime drama. It read and felt very much like an episode of BBC's Luther."

Pat Two and all CDComics are aslo available for various digital devices and directly from Amazon

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