Wednesday 2 May 2012

Penny Dreadfuls stole Spring Heeled Jack

It is often claimed that the first sighting of Spring Heeled Jack was in London in 1837, but in 1808 the Sheffield Times carried a letter to the Editor that stated the demon had terrorised the area years before that and was known locally as the Park Ghost or Steel Jack. In 1873 Spring Heeled Jack made more appearances in Sheffield and this is marked by a carving of the demon on the timber frame of the Old Queens Head Pub. In 1973 there were reports again and this time witnesses and police referred to him as the Atterclifffe Prowler, but the description was the same, incredible leaps, hellfire breath, demonic laughter, the pitchfork and glowing red eyes.
In Sheffield there has always been stories of hidden tunnels under the city and while Mary Queen of Scots was held prisoner in Sheffield she was transported across the city using them, but not when Jack was on the prowl...

The Penny Dreadfuls and the London press stole this demon and now CDComics are bringing him home and bang up to date in the 71 page full colour Graphic Novel, Spring Heeled Jack: From the Tunnels of Hell, which finally reveals the truth and some fiction... 

The Graphic Novel is available in three local Sheefield comic shops, but for those further a field it is also available to download in two parts from at

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