Wednesday 9 May 2012

Jungle Jayne

Naked Powers

New World Order Series

WWII British Jane character revamped and yes, she still loses her clothes! It'st set in 1899 with steampunk technology with a Jungle Girl narrative. Above is the cover for #1 featuring Barbara, Jungle Jayne's twin sister... JJ is more Sheena and spends her time getting Barbara out of trouble.

I apologise for the delay... The Jungle Jayne project was been handed over to Dan McGill and a new adult comic book publisher aimed at mature readers and the adult market, see more at

All the comics above are now on sale priced $3.40, £2.20 at the following download websites.

Amazon: USAUK, GermanyFranceJapanCanadaAustralia, other countries Italy, Spain, Brazil, Mexico, etc and they are also available on Drive Thru Comics Kobo and Nook worldwide

Anna & Barbara #1 is a play on words and is the story of two rather familiar amateur occult detectives first investigation. It's Damsel in Distress stuff and the story has a twist at the end and characters you may recognise...

War Nurse and Her Commandos are public domain comic book characters from the 1940 who are given an adult twist in this 30 page full colour comic, that has sees them recruited and trained in order to be sent behind enemy lines where they will face the Nazi Window-makers.

The Naked Powers 1-3, Flirtatious Four story is about a group of empowered MILFs who don't have access to the sort of costumes the Fantastic Four rely on for their modesty. So when one of them grows into a She-Hulk type character or another Flames On, they are left rather exposed...

The New World Order Series, all take place on the same day in London. Aten is a sort of Egyptian version of Thor, while Amazing-Girl goes through a Captain America style rebirth and Mozis, he sort of travels back in time Terminator style.

They are all worth a look! But are strictly Adults Only.

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