Thursday 27 March 2014

Horror Comics and More on Scribd.

CDComics latest Surreal Murder Mystery title is now available on Scribd. This is the forth story in the Macabre Horror Whodunit series that are all set in Sheffield UK and has an unexpected twist that takes regular readers back to the first title in series Meadowhell.

The Butcher of Banner Cross: Meat is Murder, has been getting some rave reviews
and Horror Cult Films said, 'A MUST READ FOR ALL HORROR FANS

All CDComics titles are currently available on Scribd. to download for smartphones,
tablets and android devices etc

So if horror with plenty of dark humour isn't to your taste, you could try
the Pulp Fiction style  'Manhattan 1930', the political action thriller 'Robin Hood 2020',
steampunk science in 'Stainless Steel', a UFO mystery in 'Eyam' or
maybe it's superheroes you want, well there's always 'War Nurse'

Now with Scribd. it's $8.99 a month for unlimited downloads, 
but at the moment you can get a free months trial
and the good news is the struggling self publishing author still gets the royalties

Alternatively my comics are available on

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