Thursday 22 August 2013

New Jungle Jayne comic Coming Soon

Jungle Jayne was originally intended for release last year, but was given over to another indie publishing company and now the first issue is almost ready and should be on sale in the next few months...

In the comic WWII British Jane character gets revamped and renamed, but yes she still loses her clothes. It's set in 1899 with steampunk technology as a Jungle Girl narrative. Above is Barbara with Jungle Jayne her twin sister... JJ is more Sheena and spends her time getting the accident prone Barbara out of trouble.

So, keep your eyes peeled...

The first issue of Naked Powers has just been released and here are the first two covers and a couple of links, but this is strictly adults only.

The Flirtatious Four are an all female Fantastic Four without the unstable molecule costumes, so becoming a human torch creates problems...

Naked Powers #1 and #2 are available on Amazon, Kobo and Drive Thru Comics priced at $2.99

It's worth a look! Adults Only.

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