Wednesday 12 December 2012

The Rotting Zombie reviews Spring Heeled Jack

Spring Heeled Jack: From the Tunnels of Hell gets another totally Independent Review...

Here's a couple of extracts from what the Rotting Zombie thought about the comic

The Plot
'Every one hundred years on the night of Halloween a demonic figure with glowing red eyes and the ability to send men insane with fear appears in Sheffield to terrorise young women. Dating back as far as people can remember this thing has appeared like clockwork in the 73rd year of every century but come Halloween 2011 and the creature has returned out of sync. Not only that but it is now murdering people where before it only terrorised.'

The Opinion
'I love how this story is set out, it is split into three different tales almost. One takes place in 1873, one takes place in 1973, while the last takes place in 2011. The best one I thought was the 1973 one in which a young man and a Police Officer contemplate going into the tunnels under Sheffield in search of the demonic prankster. Another good comic though, hypnotic, and entertaining and worth a look at.'

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Spring Heeled Jack is available in two parts from the following download sites priced around $0.99/80pUK or Euro equivalent 

Alternatively, if you live in Shefield, where the story is set, you could buy both parts together on CDrom in a slimline DVD with a wrap around cover for £2.50.

The CDrom version is available from the Sheffield Space Centre, Rare and Racey, Broomhill's Galaxy 4 and Record Collector, the Funhouse and Blackwell's on Mappin Street and carries the Sheffield title...

'The Attercliffe Prowler: Spring Heeled Jack from the Tunnels of Hell'
The comic is full of local landmarks, old and new, the Hole in the Road, the Penthouse, Castle Market, Moor, Peace Gardens, Arts Tower, Park Hill Flats and the Old Queens Head

Just a bit of fun, you could watch the video trailer for the comic on YOUTUBE

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