Sunday 16 September 2012

Sheffield, Eyam UFO Mystery

The X-Files comes to Yorkshire and Derbyshire and asks the questions, is Eyam, UK's Roswell and is Sheffield, Engalnd's Area 51? Find out in this mass abduction mystery.

On Monday 17th September 2012, Eyam: The Plague Village UFO Mystery, goes on sale at several Sheffield shops as a CDrom with PDF and JPEG versions of the 37 page colour comic.

The CDrom, is packaged in a slimline DVD case with the cover above and costs just £2.50 and is available from Shefiield's Space Center on the Wicker, Rare and Racey on Devonshire Green, Galaxy 4 or the Record Collector in Broomhill and at Blackwell's Bookstore on Mappin Street.

Carnacki and Hannay issue one, Eyam: The Plague Village UFO Mystery is also exclusively available via Amazon in for iPad, iPhone, Kindle and other digital formats for the next 90 days.

You can download a free full colour Kindle reader for your PC at

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