Friday, 2 December 2016

Adults Only Christmas Comic

Sorry, can't post any pages due to the adult nature of the comic

check out their website at Unload Comics

Links to their download sites

Amazon Kindle: USAUK, GermanyFranceJapanCanadaAustralia, other countries Italy, Spain, Brazil, Mexico, etc and they are also available on Drive Thru Comics Kobo and Nook worldwide

Christmas Time Special has 27 full colour pages and is strictly adults only with nudity and sexual scenes throughout, it also has a strong story line that answers the big question

How does Santa get to everyone in just one night? The answer has some quantum theory, but it's what happens if you catch sight of Father Christmas that really steals the show.

If you see Santa, you get the present that you really want and five women do just that, their sexual fantasies becoming reality in this X-Mas special.  

All Unload other titles have 30 full colour pages that's, Naked Powers #1, 2 and 3, Galaxy Trek 1 and 2, Naked World Order titles (#1 Aten, #2 Amazing-Girl and #3 Mozis), War Nurse & Her Commandos #1 and 2 and Stepford MILFS, Jungle Jayne and Anna & Barbara #1.