War Nurse

Pat Parker aka War Nurse first appeared in Speed Comics Issue 13 (1941) and within a few issues she teamed up with the Girl Commandoes and her last appearance was in Issue 39

The first issue  is an action packed fight fest, with punches kicks and shoot em up scenes, so don't miss out and reworks her origins.It explains how Patricia Parker, an English nurse becomes War Nurse and has a strong supporting cast, including Winston Churchill, Nikola Tesla, Aleister Crowley and an occult ritual that summons Donar (Thor) to Earth, guess which side he's on?

The character is in the public domain and CDComics brought her out of retirement in 2012 and this first issue sold well, but readers wanted something a little different.

So Unload Comics have taken over with an Adults Only version of the comic book titled, War Nurse and Her Commandoes. Yes, the Girl Commandoes have returned, but this is an Adults Only comic and does contain nudity, but here's the cover...

Currently Unload Comics have Naked Powers #1 and #2, Jungle Jayne #1 and War Nurse and Her Commandoes on sale, all priced around $3, £2, that's 2.70 Euros or equivalent, but more will follow. 

The full colour 30 page comics are available on the following websites, Amazon: USA, UK, Germany, France, Japan, Canada, Australia, other countries and they are also available on Drive Thru Comics or Kobo worldwide

CDComics version of WarNurse is availabe from the following download sites