Sunday, 21 September 2014

Digital Comics, Horror, Crime, Superhero and more

CDComics current titles available to download for around just $2/£1.25 or equivalent for 32+ full colour pages of mature reader, horror, mystery, crime, politics and historical narrative.

Alternatively you could choose the Adults Only titles from Unload Comics. This indie comic book company took CDComics, Jungle Jayne rough story and our War Nurse revamp in an whole new direction.

DOWNLOAD WEBSITES Kobo, Amazon Kindle, Drive Thru Comics

You need to visit the Unload Comics blog for sample pages specific release dates, 
but Aten #1 Jungle Jayne #1,  Naked Powers #1 and #2
and War Nurse and Her Commandos #1 are already on sale 
and Amazing-Gil #1 is due out later this month

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