Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Jungle Jayne Adults Only Comic

Jungle Jayne was originally intended for release last year, but was given over to another indie publishing company and now the first issue is available... It's set in 1899 with some steampunk technology and the first issue tells Barbara's story as she sets out from England to find her long lost twin sister Jayne in an unmapped region of the Congo jungle.

Jungle Jayne was the third title released by Unload Comics, after Naked Powers #1 and #2 and all the titles are strictly adults only, as they have mature reader narratives with some nudity and sexual content.

Naked Powers tells the story of the Flirtatious Four are an all female Fantastic Four without the unstable molecule costumes, so becoming a human torch would create problems... #1 Origins got a review from a satisfied American reader who said, "It's good to see Shrinking woman, milf & Giantess material all in the same comic. Here's hoping the series continues!"

Up and coming releases include further issues of Naked Powers and Jungle Jayne, plus more adult superheroine titles, Amazing Girl, Amazon and a WWII revamp of War Nurse and Her Commandoes and there's an adult science fiction narrative that draws from television shows in the pipeline.

All Unload Comic titles are available form Amazon, Kobo and Drive Thru Comics priced at $3, £2 or equivalent and here are some links.

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